Stimulate innovation

Creating new knowledge from making new connections between ideas underpins innovation, and has never been more essential than in today’s global economy. The organisational capability to innovate needs management attention and continuous effort to sustain and develop it.

Experts with deep knowledge in their field are well positioned to identify new opportunities. Maintaining the innovative capability of the organisation means finding ways to tap into the experience of experts and to make their thinking visible to others to develop the overall level of knowledge about the field.

Issue 18 of the Henley KM Forum Knowledge in Action series summarises several approaches to retaining and accessing expertise.

      Issue 18

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Take a look at the video of Sindy Grewal, a Knowledge Manager who has put these approaches into practice (the interviewer is Christine van Winkelen):

Six factors together create the organisational capability for knowledge enabled innovation: effective internal and external collaboration to stimulate new connections between ideas; developing a learning organisation and putting in place the tools to re-use current good practice to “raising the bar” for innovation efforts; and recognising opportunities for innovation and learning from success innovation activities so that resources can be focussed appropriately.

Issue 14 of the Henley KM Forum Knowledge in Action series summarises what adopting an integrated approach to knowledge enabled innovation involves.

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The six factors have been captured in a maturity model and can download an electronic copy here to assess your organisation. Knowledge Works explains how to use this to stimulate peer learning across the organisation and to gradually build organisational capability.

Additional Reading

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Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation, Edited by Marshall Scott Poole and Andrew H. Van de Ven

The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, Edited by K Anders Ericsson, Neil Charness, Paul J. Feltovich, Robert R. Hoffman

Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape, by Henry Chesborough